The Team

Dr. Azza Shalhout
Pediatric Diabetes Consultant at DDI

I am very glad to serve as a medical advisor to LPM project. I am a Paediatric Diabetes Consultant at Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) and a retired Professor of Paediatrics. In my role at DDI I take care of a very special group of children who have diabetes. LPM helps teach children how to take better care of their health and life as a whole and equip them with knowledge and skills. The magazine is also the perfect reward to motivate kids to keep their blood sugar within target levels. It makes them love to come to DDI!

Dr. Roula Barake
Director of the Nutrition Department at Dasman Diabetes Institute, Nutritionist, Academic Faculty Member, Researcher

I am so blessed and deeply grateful to be part of the little Plato magazine family. This beautiful, informative, fun magazine not only adds colour and flavour to our children’s world but to mine as well. Offering clinical consultations, training health care professionals, and conducting research, although rewarding, cannot match the pleasure I feel when I see children flicking through Little Plato Magazine. The children’s curiosity and enthusiasm to try out the healthy recipes the team and I create, and their determination to replace unhealthy choices of food with those offered in LPM, warms my heart and reassures me that LPM will surely contribute to building up a healthier generation.

Safaa Kanj
Editor, Writer, Reporter

Writing children’s comics is the most enjoyable thing I've ever done. It opens my eyes to the simple and beautiful things we learn to ignore as we grow older. Before LPM I was very involved in reporting about politics. Since I started writing for children, my world has become so filled with colours that I feel detoxified! An additional bit of happiness: working with the LPM team is fun. I enjoy every bit of it!

Sarah Abou Ghazaleh
Managing Editor, Writer

After spending a few years reporting on the oil and gas industry, and another few years dabbling with PR, I found myself writing for Little Plato Magazine. Writing for children is not easy. I needed to remember how to ask questions about all the things that, as adults, we take for granted. Every little thing…I really appreciate learning something new every day and from each member of the team. I hope our readers enjoy the magazine as much as I do.

Lisa Suhair Majaj
Editor, Writer

Although I’ve been writing about literature for many years, writing for children has opened up a whole new world. Keeping things simple and fun is much harder than I would ever have realized, but it’s full of rewards. Meanwhile, learning about health, science, biology, history, and all the other topics LPM tackles has been an adventure! I am happy to work with a great team on a great project.

Abeer El-Samad
Insulin pump specialist at DDI; Senior Education Specialist in Diabetes

It is really difficult to explain diabetes to children and to help them understand how to manage their disease. LPM educates children using funny characters appropriate to their ages, making it much easier to explain their health condition to them. This strategy makes the condition easier for patients of all ages, and their families, to deal with. Turning something unpleasant or tedious into a fun story or a game with challenges increases the likelihood that children will follow their care regimen, and increases the likelihood that they will achieve a higher quality of life and satisfaction with treatment.

Mohammad Abd El Hady
Senior Illustrator

Although I joined the Little Plato team with 10 years of experience in the illustration industry, I discovered that I have a lot to learn about how to draw fun and educational illustrations for children. Artists don’t think so much about time and deadlines; what we focus on is creating beautiful drawings. Working with the Little Plato team and being exposed to different opinions has helped me improve in many ways. I’ve not only progressed in my work, I’ve also enhanced my language and social skills and even my life style – all thanks to Little Plato.

Miriam Mohamed Mamdouh
Cartoon Illustrator

My passion for cartoon drawing started early in my youth, leading me to develop this passion into a profession. My dream came true when I became a team member at Little Plato Magazine, especially when I learned how strongly the LPM team believes in helping children live a healthy life and how much they care about delivering their message. It is my honour to join a team with such a wonderful spirit!

Saer Basmaji
Writer, researcher and inventor

I have a PHD in the history of Arabic Sciences and for 20 years, I have been writing about science and knowledge in simple language for children and adults alike. I believe that science is a power like a genie in a magic lamp: all we need to do is to rub the lamp, and thousands of inventions and discoveries will unfold in front of us. I’m proud to be a member or the LPM team, and I’ll do my best to assure its continuous excellence.

George Kelveris
Website Developer

Although I’ve been creating websites since 1999, creating a website for kids was one of the biggest challenges for me. I had to understand how kids decode everything they see in their “magnificent” minds! They definitely see things from another prospective. Grownups can find the solution to complex and difficult problems, while little people can create a whole new way to reach their destination without facing any problems! I think simplicity was the key factor here. Having the valuable help of my kids, the 4-year old Alexander and 3-year old Laria, helped me understand the importance of variety, visuals and creativity to keep children motivated. I just love how curious they are about everything and how much they enjoy knowledge through games and having fun! Finalizing this site was one of the best adventures that I’ve had with my family and the great team of LPM.

Haifa Mahmoud Abbas

After spending several years in the fields of subtitling and office administration, I had the chance to join LPM team as a translator. It is a challenging and a continuous learning experience for me, since translating for children is not as easy as it looks. I am so proud to be part of such a great team that contributes in the process of knowledge and health education for the new generation. It is a joyful experience indeed.

Maysan Marouf

Coming from a background in environmental health and science, I already had experience writing about health issues for adults. But writing for children is more challenging: how do we spark their interest, engage their attention, and speak their language, without sounding patronizing? Being part of the Little Plato team has been a great learning experience, and it is my pleasure to contribute to the health of the future generations. What else is possible for them?

Randa Khalil

Writing for children takes us to open spaces that allow us to fly in a limitless sky. Proofing Little Plato stories takes me back to my childhood, to a world filled with happiness and creativity. My work is demanding, because it requires a lot of research to make sure the right vocabulary is used and that children will really enjoy reading the story. But it is enjoyable and enriching!

Dr. Osama Gamal Ahmed
Consultant and Lecturer of Orthopaedic Surgery

As a doctor I am always on the lookout for ways to inspire health in the population. LPM offers a valuable tool that not only addresses topics of direct relevance to my work, such as healthy bones and Vitamin D, but more importantly inspires children and adults alike to adopt healthy lifestyles. I am impressed by the project and by the work it is doing to prevent chronic diseases – and most of all by LPM’s focus on children, who represent our future.

Daad Sakr
Art Director

When I was a kid, drawing and colouring were my absolute passion—and they still are. My hard work, dedication, and ambition helped me become an art director. Little Plato Magazine offered the perfect opportunity to do what I love most, while helping kids learn (in a very fun and colourful way) things I wish I had learned when I was their age. Thank you, Little Plato.

Abla Majaj

Writing for children and writing for adults are two very different things, as I have found since joining the LPM team. Children have their own unique perspective on – and questions about – the world around them, and LPM is a wonderful vehicle to explain things to them in ways they can understand. The colourful and whimsical cartoon characters capture children’s imaginations while bringing health topics like diabetes, explanations of how things work, and craft projects to life. I am proud to be part of this talented and creative group of writers and illustrators.

Manuel Raices
PhD in Molecular Biology

For thirty years I’ve been working on developing genetic engineering projects. During the last 10 years I specialized in implementing health programs to control diabetes and its main complications.
As a hobby, I started writing stories for children to make them aware of the new and fascinating realities that scientific development makes possible and that contribute to a better planet. When I learned about Little Plato Magazine I was determined to make it available in Spanish so that Spanish speaking children and adults could have access to the marvelous information shared in this magazine.

Rola Ghawanmeh
Co-Founder and General Manager, eCartoon For Animation LLC.

In my role as manager of an animation production company I have worked with a lot of clients. But working with Little Plato project has given me a lot of motivation. The entire team works professionally and with inspiration, and this gives us the opportunity to be creative in helping to complete Little Plato’s mission. I am very proud to be working with the Little Plato team.