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Dear friends,

Welcome to the Little Plato Magazine project, the Arab world’s first children’s magazine and website promoting healthy living in a enjoyable way!

Do you like comics, games, stories, experiments, and crafts? Would you like to learn interesting facts about your body and the world? Do you want to know which fun foods and activities will keep you healthy and strong? You’ve come to the right place!

At Little Plato Magazine you’ll discover a world of fun and adventure! It all starts when a couple of kids, Jasim and Dana, meet a magical bird called Plato and his friends, Bingo and Berry... After that, anything can happen!

Many children in the Arab world suffer from obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, along with a whole host of related health problems, because they have adopted poor eating habits and are not active enough.

To tackle this problem, the Dasman Diabetes Institute of kuwait (DDI) developed Little Plato Magazine. Each month DDI prints 10,000 copies of the magazine in Arabic and English and distributes it, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, to public and private schools across kuwait.

Since its creation in early 2012, Little Plato Magazine has expanded to develop many additional resources, including an electronic version of the magazine, videos, voice-overs, iPad and Android games, a yearly diary, colouring books, recipe books, and a teacher’s guide.

Our website now hosts Health News and Views, a forum updating readers on the latest health news, and Little Plato Café, a blog site that welcomes reader contributions.

Ready for an exciting journey? Join us at Little Plato Magazine today!


The Little Plato Team

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